Founded in 1990, MakFra Company set out with the simple idea of making luxury perfume brands accessible to everyone at an affordable price. The MakFra Company developed a sincere passion for appreciating customers with expert perfume expertise and the greatest customer service standards which remain at the lead of everything the Company stands for today.

Our Mission

The goal at MakFra is to bring out the most recent, high quality and well-known perfumes and fragrances at a price which wouldn’t be comparable to any other place.

Our personnel are always up to date with our customers, they know the most recent products, trends and advancements in the fragrance market. With their valuable information, they will help you choose the most fitting product for you.

Accurate & Efficient

We constantly try to present you the most appropriate products. At the same time, our goal is to get them to you safely and as soon as possible. Thanks to our own technologies, ideal management of logistics and the distribution center, it takes your order 6 hours on average to get on its way to you.

The MakFra web shop delivers complete information about each brand and their products and guarantees their careful delivery to shoppers.

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